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Haywire Heart

The Haywire Heart: How Too Much Exercise Can Kill You, and What You Can Do to Protect Your Heart - John Mandrola MD, Chris Case, Lennard Zinn, Steve Menasche

I don't feel equipped to give this book a star rating. I listened to the audiobook based on a recommendation from an atrial fibrillation Facebook support group that I recently joined. My first identified atrial fibrillation occurred in October of 2016, and I'd been doing marathons and trail 50k's. My afib was detected during a routine physical and confirmed by a cardiologist later that same day. However, when I was about to be given a cardioversion four days later, my heart was back to a normal sinus rhythm. I had no afib at my 2017 physical, but had it again in 2018, and since then it's been more prevalent. My cardiologist does not seem to make much of the endurance-athlete angle. Maybe because since I've started having the afib, I have gained a substantial amount of weight, and I don't think he sees an athlete when he looks at me. Just another fat heart patient who should really lose weight.

In any event, the book includes case studies about endurance athletes' experiences with afib, and their experience of afib tends to be considerably different from mine. They notice fluttering sensations and palpitations in their chests. I do not. I never really know I am in afib, though I've been noticing lately increased fatigue and sometimes shortness of breath during even mild exertion. However, it is difficult for me to know whether that is due to the afib or due to the meds I am on.

Still, this book is worth a read (or listen) for endurance athletes facing arrhythmias.