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Falling Out of Fashion - Karen Yampolsky

I am not exactly sure when I read this book, though it must have been before I signed up for Goodreads. So, I'm in the library today, browsing the "fiction" shelves, when this book catches my eye, mostly because the cover inevitably reminds me of the cover for The Devil Wears Prada.  The copy on the cover even tries to draw in fans of that book, assuring them that they'll love this book, too. When I read the blurb inside of the book jacket, I realize that I've read this book already. Yes, it all comes back to me. I decided to do a brief write-up just to keep myself from forgetting again. Jill in this narrative is a very thinly veiled version of Jane Pratt, and the magazine Jill is, of course, a thinly veiled version of Pratt's [former] magazine Jane. Although the author, Karen Yampolsky, had been Pratt's assistant, the story is told from the perspective of the Jane/Jill character. Though the minor character based on Yampolsky is super-awesome at her job, and Jill can't fathom how she manages to juggle the job with her home life (such perfection!). Whereas Devil oozes with Weisberger's bitterness toward Anna Wintour, Yampolsky clearly loved her boss, and this fictionalized biography comes across more like a hagiography. Jill is super-cool, and she has friends who are thinly veiled versions of Michael Stipe, Drew Barrymore, and Courtney Cox! And she's just awesome! The magazine industry, though, is evil and drove her out! She was just too good for that world.