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A Disorder Peculiar to Kalfus

Disorder Peculiar to the Country (MP3 Book) - Ken Kalfus, James M. Boles

I could have sworn I already wrote a review of this. I can't even recall when I listened to it, but I actually listened to it twice, having forgotten when I downloaded the audiobook the second time, that I had. Then it started to come back to me bit by bit, and I found myself thinking, "Oh, is this the one where the female protagonist reads Newsweek to 'shop for an opinion'?" (Answer: Yes. But this comes way late in the narrative.) And I'm not even sure why I listened all the way through a second time, except I guess I was surprised at how much I'd forgotten and wanted to see what came back to me.

I'll say that I am generally a fan of dark humor, but this was so dark that for me, it crossed out of what could be considered humorous. The two main characters are a divorcing couple who are each glad when they believe their spouse has died in the 9/11 attacks (he worked in the WTC but made it out alive; she was supposed to be on one of the planes but never boarded). I can understand that divorce can breed animosity, but to wish the other dead--really? And then their whole divorce drama was, I guess, supposed to become a metaphor of terrorism, or vice versa. And to make things uglier were a couple of scenes that I will hide behind spoiler tags.


Gratuitous sexual abuse of a minor: Marshall randomly finds himself at a party where the party's shitty host forces a black teenage boy to participate in a sex act with a young woman while all the guests watch and no one intervenes. There was absolutely no reason for that scene to be there. Later on, Marshall decides to become a suicide bomber in his soon-to-be-ex-wife's apartment with the kids present. And the the scene was supposed to bring the LULZ when his device did not explode and Joyce was all "U'R DOIN' IT WRONG" and trying to help him fix it. Just.... No.

(show spoiler)

I am actually on the fence as to whether I should one-star this book. But I did stick with it not just once, but twice. I guess that's enough to elevate it from "poor" to "fair." But I wouldn't exactly recommend this book to anyone. At the very least, if you are finding yourself curious (or are a 9/11-lit completest), I'd strongly suggest that you not spend any money obtaining this book. Library all the way, baby.