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Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen

Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen - Susan Gregg Gilmore

I read this book on the recommendation given to me in the "Be My Reader" thread in the Albany Public Library Goodreads group. Each one of us gave a recommendation and received one. This book was a delight to read, and I don't think I would have bumped into it on my own, so I'm glad for the rec.

The story is told through the first-person narration of Catherine Grace Cline, a preacher's daughter who has vowed since early childhood that she'd move out of her small town of Ringgold, Georgia as soon as she turned 18. The title is a reference to her weekly ritual of buying Dilly bars for herself and two-years-younger sister Martha Ann and scheming about her departure from Ringgold. Catherine Grace has grown up without a mother since age six, when it seems her mother died from an accidental drowning. The story mostly takes place in the 1970s*.

Certain life-changing events force Catherine Grace to re-examine some of her long-held assumptions. Those events are the catalyst for what I consider a satisfying and not overly neat ending.

*A glitch to the timeline that may, for all I know, have been corrected in later editions: Catherine Grace is identified as being in the class of 1972 at her high school. However, shortly after she turns 18, she receives letters dated 1975. She clearly did not graduate at age fifteen--graduation and age 18 had to have been the same year, so I am suspecting that she was supposed to be class of 1975. [checks Amazon "look inside" feature] Nope, still "Senior Class of 1972" on page 121. Hrm.