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Racing Weight

Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance - Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald offers endurance athletes a different approach to weight reduction than the usual "diet" model. Instead, he outlines a system of improving diet quality, managing appetite through nutrient timing, calculating carb needs based on ideal racing weight + training volume and protein needs based on body weight, and finding the appropriate balance of training volume and intensity. He also identifies how to determine ideal weight/body composition.

As a vegan athlete, I will mention that he is clearly in favor of meat and dairy (as he sees excluding them as artificially restricting categories of "good" foods).* However, he at least recognizes that there are elite endurance athletes who thrive on vegan or vegetarian diets, and he includes a table to use for his "Dietary Quality Score" (DQS) if you are a vegan or vegetarian. Also, in the section where he provides samples from various elite endurance athletes' food journals, he includes Scott Jurek (yay!:) ).


*He's a bit dismissive about T. Colin Campbell, claiming that he relies too heavily to epidemiology and not enough on "common sense." Isn't "common sense" what people resort to when they don't have the science to back up their claims? I happen to find Campbell's research on meat and dairy compelling, but Fitzgerald just sweeps it aside. This almost made me grumpy enough to knock him down to three stars, but he did redeem himself a bit by allowing that meat and dairy are not necessary for endurance-sports success.