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Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

Okay, now that I have read Requiem (Delirium, #3), I am back to review Pandemonium.

The book opens with a chapter labeled "Now." The "now" of that first chapter represents a jump ahead for readers who have just finished Delirium. Lena has taken on a new identity: Lena Morgan Jones, high-school senior in Brooklyn, NY. The next chapter, labeled "Then," picks up where the first book left off. The two time frames alternate throughout the narrative, with the "then" chapters gradually bringing the reader up to the time-frame represented in the "now" chapters.

The events in the "then" chapters transform Lena into a very different person, and we get to know that new Lena in the "now" chapters. "Now" Lena is working for the resistance, which is targeting an influential group known as "Deliria Free America" (DFA). At the center of DFA is a man named Thomas Fineman. His son, Julian, operates as a powerful symbol for their organization. Having gone through multiple surgeries for a condition that makes him susceptible to seizures, Julian has been advised that taking the cure would most likely kill him. He and his father publicly insist upon scheduling the procedure nonetheless.

When Lena is assigned to "watch" Julian at a DFA rally, things take an unexpected turn, and their lives become entwined.

Oliver does a masterful job using the two time frames to play out Lena's character development. The Lena who once counted the days to her cure and looked forward to the safety and security it was to bring would not recognize the person she was to become less than a year later. Be warned: You will want to pick up book # three as soon as you finish this one. Have it ready!