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Code: Jumping into the Middle

Code (Audio) - Kathy Reichs, Brendan Reichs, Cristin Milioti

I'm going to forego giving this one a "star" rating, not because I don't think it deserves any stars, but because I'm just not sure how to rank it.

First, my disclaimer: I did it again! I found a book by doing a search for "Playaway" (pre-loaded audio books) in my library's catalog database. I saw that this book is by Kathy Reichs and immediately thought, "Oh, Bones." Yes, I was aware that she had a YA series that had something to do with a teenage niece of Tempe Brennan, but I wasn't really thinking of that. And once again, I jumped into a series without having read the previous books.

So I didn't read the initial Virals book that told the story of Tory and her friends becoming "virals." But I get it: blah-blah canine DNA, yadda yadda. She and her friends are a "pack" but it's totally not paranormal like the wolves in Twilight, it's SCIENCE (or paranormal in "science" drag?). And I kind of hate Cooper the wolf-dog, only because I kept having the impression that he was supposed to charm me. You know, just out of spite.

Anyway, Tory and her fellow viral-boys try their hand at geocaching, which leads them to a bizarre "game" featuring a series of puzzles, with the high stakes that if they refuse to play or fail to solve the puzzles, innocent people will be killed. There were times when I thought I might just not finish this, but I was curious enough about the puzzles and mystery to stick with it.

While the book did offer resolution, it did set up some cliffhangery stuff to entice readers to read the next installment, and I guess I might. I might also read the first two books in the series, but not before reading a bunch of other higher-priority books.