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Mr. Monk Gets Even

Mr. Monk Gets Even - Lee Goldberg

When she returns to her house in San Francisco (visiting from Summit, NJ to attend Ambrose's wedding), Natalie narrates that "being in the house was like being wrapped up in a big warm blanket." That's kind of how I feel about immersing myself in the Monkiverse by reading this latest installment in the "Monk" series (and the last to be authored by Lee Goldberg). The mysteries themselves almost feel besides the point (and I confess that I wasn't engrossed in them the way I've been in the mysteries presented in earlier installments). I find myself more interested in catching up with the characters and tracking their progress. I galloped through this book in just a couple of days and enjoyed the ride. Monk has come a long way since season one of the TV series and from the first novel Goldberg penned. My only worry as he hands off the series to his successor is whether we can expect a giant "reset" button to undo the progress various characters have made. I hope not.