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Life Sucks - Gabriel Soria, Gabe Soria, Jessica Abel, Warren Pleece

Most "vampire" stories in popular culture romanticize the "undead" experience, but what if it really, um, sucks? Dave Miller never wanted to be a vampire, yet creepy Radu, a genuine old-country vamp from Romania, changed him over only so that he'd have a night manager for his all-hours convenience store the Last Stop. He was a vegetarian in his mortal days and cannot bring himself to kill anyone to keep himself alive as a vampire, relying instead on expired blood-bank plasma. Making vampire life suck even more is being in the thrall of one's "master"--the vampire who "made" you. Thus Dave is physically incapable of refusing to follow Radu's orders, such as working on his day off or sweeping the entire parking lot of the mini-mall where Last Stop is located. Plus Dave has to rush home at the end of his night-time shift, lest he get caught outside post-sunrise and burst into flames (no Twilight sparkling vamps here).

Complicating matters is Rosa, the goth girl with a vampire fetish. Dave falls for her hard, and all she wants is to find out that vampires are real and to be turned into one. Without revealing himself to be one, Dave tries to disabuse her of her more romantic fantasies of undeath. Worse yet, wealthy surfer-vamp Wes, also "made" by Radu, is competing for Rosa's affection and might just win.

Life Sucks is a fun read that turns the popular "vampire" myths on their ear and imagines a more gritty reality for the rank-and-file blood-sucker. I kind of wish it had continued a bit further--plus I have some mixed feelings about the end. Without spoiling it, I will just say that Dave seems to be changing a bit from his do-no-harm perspective.