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The Dogs Who Found Me: What I've Learned from Pets Who Were Left Behind (MP3 Book) - Ken Foster

Early in his narrative, Ken Foster distinguishes himself from people who seem to be "dog blind." Stray dogs appear in plain sight, but dog-blind people simply do not see them, perhaps because they do not want to. Seeing them might inspire in them the feeling that they should do something for the dogs. Ken Foster is the extreme opposite of dog-blind, in that he's always spotting--or being spotted BY--lost or abandoned dogs. And when this happens, he feels responsible for ensuring that the dog receives medical attention and, if the dog can't be reunited with his or her human, matched up with someone willing to take in a new canine companion.

The Dogs Who Found Me takes the form of a series of inter-related vignettes relating the stories of various dogs Foster has rescued, including his three dogs Brando, Zephyr, and Sula. Brando is a pit-bull/Great Dane mix, Zephyr a Rottweiler/shepherd mix, while Sula is a pure pit. Foster feels a special affection for pit bulls because they are so maligned and he finds them so affectionate.

Having no direct experience with the world of dog rescue, I enjoyed the glimpse Foster provided into his experiences. I have a feeling that my "dog" vision is going to improve now that I have taken in this narrative.