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Castaways - Brian Keene, Maynard McKillen

I suppose if possible I'd give this book 1.5 stars, because I did stick with it to the end (morbid curiosity). At times this book had a violence-and-rape p*rn vibe to it--as in, there was a bit too much loving detail given to describing the extreme violence and brutal rapes. And I ultimately felt it was gratuitous, as if the characters are being punished by their god (author) for having wanted to be on a Survivor type show for nothing more worthy than fame and fortune. The few who survive get a happy ending that to me felt only semi-satisfying. I kind of wish there had been some kind of follow-up with the creatures on the island. The book has a scene told from their point of view--maybe a short return to their perspective after the main events of the narrative are over? In any event, I would not recommend this book. Spend your precious time on something more worthy.