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Imperfect by Tina Chan

imperfect - Tina Chan

I received an ARC of this book from the author; it was an early version that was still being copyedited/proofed, so I will work from the premise that editing/proofing issues have been resolved.

Kristi, as far as she knows, is the only "Accident" in a society in which everyone has been genetically modified to remove normal human flaws. Certain modifications are performed for all newborns, while others must be purchased by the parents. These genetically modified human beings are referred to as Perfects. Being the only "Accident" in her community makes high-school life more hellish than what the typical teenager goes through. Although her adoptive parents and adoptive brother are supportive, her peers at school and in the community are all too eager to remind her of her inferior status, while the grown-ups are anxious that she would somehow corrupt their Perfect children.

Matters go from bad to worse when her parents and brother are unexpectedly seized by the government, and Kristi is thrown into an adventure she never would have expected.

With our growing knowledge and advancements in the field of genetics, I didn't have too much trouble imagining a future society where designer babies are the norm. Chan finds some clever ways to work in her world-building, such as tutoring sessions where the children involved are quizzed on aspects of society a reader would need to know. Some aspects were a bit unclear to me, such as why there is a curfew imposed, but perhaps that will be explained in the sequel, which is titled Flawless. The narrative held my attention and was an engaging, suspenseful read. There is a cliff-hanger, so be ready for that. I'll look forward to seeing how the story is resolved.