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I Don't Fetishize Paper

I love books.  As my blog name suggests, I am always reading.  I love books so much that I took the completely illogical step of completing a PhD in English.  But I don't share a trait that many other book lovers seem not only to possess but to brag about.  To me there is nothing special about physical books.  I don't relish the smell or feel of paper, the heft of a hardcover book in my hands, the look of the books on my shelves (I have a PhD in English = I have too many books!).  To many book lovers, what I am about to tell you might actually amount to blasphemy.  I prefer to read books on my Kindle.  There.  I said it.  I have just recently begun reading a book I've been anticipating for months--Allegiant.  I've borrowed the book from my library, and it's a chunky hardcover.  And as I read it, I can't help wishing I had it loaded up on my Kindle!  The Kindle takes up almost no space in my messenger bag, adds almost no weight, and yet I can lug around an entire library on it.  I never have to prop it open, like if I am reading while I eat my lunch.  Physical books are so needy:  "Hold me!" 


Why am I writing about this?  Because I often sense a tone.  People who prefer physical books make the declaration as if this proves they are real readers or real book lovers.  Reading a book on a tablet or (gasp) computer makes the read and maybe even the reader somehow less than. What I hear?  "You are an inferior reader because you don't have a paper fetish."   And I reject that.