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Many thoughts swimming through my Fractured mind right now, but most of all, I want to read Shattered right now!!!


When we left off with Kyla at the end of Slated, a traumatic event caused her to begin remembering things she shouldn't be able to, since she'd been Slated--her memories wiped as part of an alternative juvenile-justice system that allows under-sixteen offenders to evade execution.  Before long she is realizing that she has memories belonging to two distinct former selves:  Lucy, the person she was at age ten, and Rain, an identity she chose for herself at age fourteen.  But what happened in between?  What of the father she remembers fleetingly but warmly?  And how did she become aligned with Nico, a mysterious adult who has reappeared in her life, full of big plans for her?  Who is the new boy, Cam, who moves in across the street from her and urges her to confide in him?  Who can she trust--her adoptive parents?  Sister Amy?  Dr. Lysander?  Will she ever learn what happened to Ben?  (Last question:  Yes, sort of....)


For some stretches of this book, I had mixed feelings--just thinking I wasn't enjoying it as much as I did Slated--but then I got reeled right back in, and I just want that third book in my hot little hands.  Not just now, but five minutes ago.  If you enjoyed Slated, definitely read this one (but be warned, you WILL wish you could get right to the third installment).