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The Statistical Probability of Annoying Me

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (Audio) - Jennifer E. Smith

There were moments in this book when the protagonist, 16-year-old Hadley, did not annoy me.  But they were sparsely scattered amongst the moments when she did.  Mostly, she seemed just way too self-involved and petty.  It's understandable that she's not thrilled about attending her father's second wedding, but you'd think that was the worst thing that could befall a person, ever.  And then Oliver, the British Yale student she meets at the airport and coincidentally sits with on the airplane, almost seems to exist only to make her realize that there are worse things.  Plus, she has a whole side adventure tracking him down between the wedding and reception, and much of that adventure has "idiot plot" trappings, where if only she communicated about what she was doing, she wouldn't have to bumble around London trying to figure out how to get where she was going.


Yes, she does come around.  She has her "redemption" at the end.  But the whole thing just felt a bit too sparse for me.  Also?  The title is a misnomer.  It was more like "thinks boy is cute at first sight."  Even by the end, I'd concede only a strong mutual attraction that might lead to something deeper. Also, I grew tired of how many times she harped on the "four minutes" that caused her to miss her original flight, so that she ended up on the flight where she sat with Oliver.  Yes, I get it, if it "hatten*" been for the four minutes, Hadley and Oliver would never have met.  Life is full of variables like that one.


I came close to DNF-ing this book, but I did decide to stick with it and see how it resolved.  Ultimately, I'd call that resolution "fair," but I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to read (or listen to) this one.


*Casey Holloway, the narrator of the audiobook, keeps pronouncing "hadn't" like "hatten."  She also makes "didn't" rhyme with "kitten" and makes "couldn't" rhyme with "puttin'."