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The Knife of Never Letting Go [With Earbuds] - Patrick Ness, Nick Podehl

Progress report:  I'm reading The Knife of Never Letting Go: I am listening to this as an audiobook. I think I'm on chapter 13. I was sorely tempted to DNF this book, but with my 2+-hour run today, I gave it more of a chance than I might have otherwise, and I am curious enough to stick with it for a while longer. I'm cheesed to hear that it ends on a cliffhanger, though. Darn trilogies.


Why was I tempted to DNF?  The language, for one--the faux-hick narrative voice of nearly-13 Todd, with his ruddin' use of "ruddin'" used the way the British use "bloody."  His constant use of the word "betwixt" or "'twixt" (I'm going by ear and not sure which I am hearing.)  His endlessly repeating, droning on, dithering....  Garrrr!


But now he's received an inkling that just about everything he's been told is wrong.  And I'm curious about learning the truth.  Even though I really hate this world Todd lives in.  And it seems that his society came about because they traveled from another planet, and somehow they had the nerve to classify the planet's inhabitants as "aliens"?  Is this meant to be a subtle commentary on colonialism?