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I've Closed My Goodreads Tabs

For the longest time, I had my Goodreads page, set to the "discussions" tab of my "recent updates" page, as a saved tab in Firefox, on two different computers.  It was a not only a "daily" check for me, but it was a multiple-times-per-day check.  But lately?  I've just felt as if I keep smacking the discussions and telling them "Be more interesting!"  And they keep refusing to be more interesting.  And frankly, I am sick of the high-traffic books having one duplicative thread after another.  Would it really kill the Divergent fans to check whether "what faction are you" or "do you hate Tris" is already being discussed?  Yesterday it occurred to me that the discussions are unlikely ever to be more interesting, no matter how many times I smack them.  So I finally closed the tab.  On both computers.  And I'm not even tempted to open them again.