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Steeping in the World of Mortal Danger

Mortal Danger - Ann Aguirre

This book came to me as a free, uncorrected proof from NetGalley.  This does not hinder my ability to provide an honest review.


I finished this book last night, just before going to sleep.  I definitely was not ready to let go of this book's world, and I am anxious to read the next installment.  I wish I could get my hands on it right  now!


Edith Kramer, a junior at an exclusive Boston prep school, the Blackbriar Academy, is on the verge of suicide, after extreme bullying from the "Teflon crew"--the powerful, popular clique in her grade at school--pushes her to her limit.  She is on a bridge, right on the verge of jumping, when a handsome, mysterious stranger places his hand on her shoulder to stop her.  He convinces her to accompany him to a diner, where he makes her an offer:  she can have three favors, of any kind.  The first must be fulfilled within one year, while she has five years to select the other two.  Once she has cashed in her three favors, she in turn will be asked to perform three requests, all of which will be in her power to complete.  If this strikes you as awfully close to various wish-granting stories that always go awry, you are not alone.  Edie (as she prefers to be called) thinks the same thing, citing Stephen King's "The Monkey's Paw," and is very careful about seeking assurances about the nature of the favor-granting.


I don't want to say too much, because I'd hate to spoil too many of the surprises that this book holds.  Yes, there is an element of "be careful what you wish for," as well as the downside of revenge fantasies.  This book deftly blends sci-fi, fantasy, mythology, romance (though I'm not usually a fan of that!), and human psychology.  As the first installment of a trilogy, it does leave much of the story yet to be told, but it also has its own satisfying plot resolutions (though not neatly wrapped, by any means, because trilogy).


So who would I recommend this to?  Are you a fan of BuffySupernaturalGrimmOnce Upon a Time?  If you answered "yes" to any of these, I think you'd enjoy Mortal Danger.