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I'm going to link back to my last progress update on this book, as I don't feel I have all that much to add to it, even twice+ as many pages later.  The things that didn't make sense as of page 151 still didn't make sense on page 335, and the punning/wordplay only grew more obnoxious.  The epilogue called back to the prologue by hoping that this middle installment had provided more resolution than it predecessor.  Well, okay--I'll give it that. 


I didn't hate the characters, for the most part.  It was kind of interesting to read their perspectives on one another and see how many erroneous assumptions they made.  But the whole conceit of the book--that one of the "Phoenix Five" (most outstanding freshmen of the year) leaked their private journals to reveal that they are all "pretenders"--didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  Mostly, they didn't strike me as being more "pretenders" than the rest of the school population (with the exception of Jagger--see my linked update).


Anyway, I will most likely pick up the final book in the trilogy when it becomes available at my library, just to fulfill my own morbid curiosity as to how things turn out for the characters.  (Although I had received the first book through NetGalley, this second book was just a loan through my public library.)