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Advanced Marathoning - Scott  Douglas, Pete Pfitzinger

I am on week seven of an 18-week training plan from this book.  I haven't read much of the actual text and don't expect to read every word, but I'll be dipping in to plumb the most useful bits.


I'm training for my fifth marathon (and along the way plan to complete my 15th half marathon), and this plan is taking me to a new level of training volume.  In past years, I believe the highest amount of mileage I did in any given week was 48 miles.  My current plan peaks at 55 miles, and this week will be the first time ever that I do 50 miles in the course of one week.  My weekly totals leading up to this have been 33, 36, 40, 42, 45, and 37 (last week was a bit of a step-back to give me a break and recover a bit before launching into this next leap).  One of the things that I appreciated about the way the plan has ramped up my mileage was that during the first couple of weeks, although I had to do fairly long weekday runs, I only had two weekday runs the first two weeks (Tuesday and Thursday), so that I had ample recovery in between.  By the third week, the plan eased into a Wednesday "recovery" run of four miles.  The Wednesday run has since varied from four to five miles.  The Tuesday and Thursday runs have ranged from 8-10 miles, though tomorrow I'm to do 11.  (I'm actually planning to run three miles with a friend during lunch and complete the other eight after work.)


The book also provides training plans for the badasses who are planning to log 100+ miles/week, but at least for me, the "up to 55" plan is cranking things up a notch.  ::knocking wood::  So far so good on avoiding injury.