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Bridge of Sighs (Audio) - Richard Russo

As I got close to the end of this book, I knew that once I was done, I would miss it.  Part of me wanted to slow down, but mostly I wanted to keep going.  I ended up getting the Kindle version from my library's e-collection and supplementing my listening with a whole lot of reading.


I enjoyed the recursive nature of the narrative--interweaving past and present--as well as the three different narrative perspectives.  In their own different ways, Lou Lynch, Sarah Lynch, and Robert Noonan (formerly Bobby Marconi) are trying to reconcile their overlapping pasts and sort out truths, partial truths, misconceptions, and lies.


One fun element for me was that it was located in my area.  The fictional town of Thomaston is based on Gloversville, NY, which is about an hour away from Albany, where I live.  There were many references to Albany, including a character attending SUNY Albany.  To add another layer, Thomaston is fictionalized as Tanneryville in the novel Sarah's father works on every summer during her childhood.