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A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two (Audio) - George R.R. Martin, Roy Dotrice

Although for the most part I really enjoy the narrator's performance, I will occasionally notice something that will pull me out of the story a bit.  One is his portrayal of both Brienne and Gendry--for some reason, it feels as if he's decided that both of these characters are stupid.  It could be that this isn't his intent at all, but just my interpretation.  I'd be interested in knowing how others have perceived his performance of those characters' dialogue.  For me, there is also a disconnect between his portrayal of these characters and the way they come across on the show.  I understand that this is not the narrator's fault, though I can't help preferring their "show" portrayals.  On a side note, I will also mention that there is a discrepancy between the way the audiobook narrator pronounces "Brienne" and "Gendry" and the way their names are spoken on the show. 




Narrator pronunciation:  "brye-EEN"


Show pronunciation:  "bree-ENN"




Narrator:  With a soft "G"--like the word "gentry" but with a "D" instead of a "T."


Show:  With a hard "G" as in "guy."


I've read that George R. R. Martin has refrained from specifying how names are to be pronounced, so I guess that helps explain the discrepancy.  Curiously, I am split in my preferences.  I prefer the "show" pronunciation of "Brienne" and the "narrator" pronunciation of "Gendry."