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Stupid Goodreads Discussions

I need to close my Goodreads tab again.  I know I posted before about having closed it, but I got sucked back in when my library's summer-reading group became active again.  But that's concluded for the year, and I should close the tab.  Otherwise, I get irritated by the sheer amount of stupid.


Case in point.  Why does every YA Dystopian book need discussions on the topic of "What is your Dystopian name?"  Currently, there is one active discussion of that type in the Insurgent discussions.  Here is the opening post to the thread:


Dystopian novels are my favorite type of books. I pile through them non-stop, and sometimes I wish that i could live in some sort of a dystopian society. But one thing that sticks out to me when reading these books are the names. I find them to be extremely creative, and I wish that many of the names mentioned in these books were used today, (and some of them are). For example: Beatrice, Uriah, Tobias, Peeta, Finnick, Day, Metias, Prim, ect.

If you could pick any dystopian name for yourself (whether it is used today or not), what would you pick?

I would choose Echo for my name. I think It is beautiful, and very unique.

I've underlined the part that makes my brain bleed.  No.  If you think that you wish you could live in "some sort of a dystopian society," then YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT "DYSTOPIAN" MEANS.  LOOK IT UP!  Nobody wants to live in such a society, unless they are in a position to be the evil-overlord totalitarian rulers.  Dystopian novels are jeremiads.  Here is a terrible possible future that could develop if you don't take steps to prevent it.  It isn't fun and games with tattoos and extreme sports.  There is no such thing as a "dystopian name." (And don't get me started on the fact that the names in Roth's series are in use today:  Beatrice, Tobias, and Uriah may not be super-popular right now, but they aren't unheard of.)


Foolishly, I have tried to make points like this in the thread in question and others like it.  I ask what they think "dystopian" and "dystopian name" mean.  I point out that the names in 1984 were butt-ordinary, and Orwell was one of the authors who started all this.  Why do I bother?  It's like I'm not there.  Like in one of those dreams where you are shouting, trying to be heard, but no sound is coming out of your mouth.  They just continue posting their favorite fakey names that they would totes have if they lived in Panem or Veronica Roth's Future!Chicago. 


After I post this, I am definitely closing that tab again.


Have any of you encountered Goodreads-discussion stupidity that makes your brain hurt?