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Red Country - Joe Abercrombie

I gave this one a try.  There Was a Little Girl ended when I had about 2.5 miles left in my 12-mile run this past Thursday (8/20/15) evening, and for some reason, my mind kept wandering so that I couldn't get a handle on who these people were or why I should care about them.  Friday was a rest day/going-on-a-daytrip day, so I decided to just restart the audiobook for my five-mile run on Saturday.  While I had a somewhat better grasp, I still found my mind wandering and my "why should I care" meter dangerously low.  Before I'd finished the run, I decided I'd bail on this and start something new for my 20-miler on Sunday.  (So glad I did, because I'm engrossed by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.)  I feel a little bad about bailing on this, because a co-worker of mine recommended this.  Maybe it's just one of those books that doesn't lend itself well to the "audio" format.  Or maybe it's just me.